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7 benefits of natural light for your home

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Morning people can attest to this: There is nothing better than watching the sun come up as you're enjoying your morning coffee and breakfast. The feel of light on one's skin is invigorating, and while it is often unpredictable, a natural light source is rich in the short-wavelength portion of the visible spectrum found to support both alertness and circadian sleep–wake entrainment. 

There are many benefits to investing in big windows and letting natural light flow into your home. In fact, here are seven of them:

1. Save on energy costs

A proper daylighting plan can reduce energy costs with little or no additional investment in systems reduce electricity costs. The plan to make the most of natural light found in your area can reduce HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) costs while energy savings range from 15% to 40%. Hello, lower Meralco bills!

2. Helps you work more efficiently

According to a study done by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, people perform 10%—25% percent better on tests of mental function and memory recall when they work in a room with natural light and a view, compared to those with no daylight or view. It also helps prevent eyestrain, with natural light also helping to increase concentration and maintain focus on the task at hand. 

3. A natural stress-buster

Windows that provide a view as well as daylight that can radically can reduce stress. Being bathed in natural light when working can have a direct impact on one's well-being, productivity, and overall sense of satisfaction, creating a more calm and productive environment because it connects you to the outdoors.

4. Value for money

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Did you know that big windows can actually increase the value of a rental space? Not only does it help lower heating and cooling costs, but windows also increase the amount of natural light in the home or office space. A study performed by Building Technology Innovations revealed that increased natural light makes a rental space look bigger and more open, resulting in people’s willingness to pay more.

5. Helps you sleep well

Research performed by Robert S. Hardt, a nutri-epgenetic biochemical analyst, concluded that exposure to bright light at the appropriate time of day and for the appropriate duration can alleviate sleeping disorders and even breast cancer caused by the suppression of the pineal gland’s production of melatonin found in night-shift workers. 

6. Keeps you positive

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People who get regular exposure to sunlight tend to be more optimistic, sleep better at night and have a higher sense of well-being. Sunlight causes our brains to produce serotonin, a hormone that can improve mood by alleviating pain, providing energy and making us feel happy and well rested.

7. Peak performance

Daylight is an effective stimulant to the human visual system and human circadian system.Throughout the day, the variation in the light spectrum of natural daylight is unmatched by any constructed light source. The variation of the natural light spectrum positively “affects the performance of chromatic tasks, where the perception of color is an inherent part of the task”, according to L.G. Williams, author of Perception and Psychophysics.

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