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The best colors to use for each room in your home

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Decorating your home is definitely not a piece of cake. And, to add to that, choosing the right color for each room in your home doesn't make things any easier. While it's true that there is no right or wrong color for a house since it all depends on the owner and his/her preference, careful thought should still be placed in your decision because not only is it troublesome to repaint, but certain shades in the room can also greatly affect your emotions and behavior. So, before you decide on which color, read our tips on the best colors to use for each room in your home.

Cool it in bed

The bedroom is everyone's safe haven. It's the place we go to when all we need to do is relax and get our mind off things. It's our hiding place when all we want to do is escape from the vastness of the world. You might want to think again if you choose on using bright and stimulating colors for your bedroom. If you do so, you might feel restless and have a hard time feeling calm. To inflame relaxation, it is wise to choose warm colors such as blue, green, lavender, and the like. For a more romantic touch, you can always use shades similar to burgundy, peach, coral, or pink.

Stimulating colors for your kitchen

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You may have probably noticed that most fast food restaurants are colored with the same stark reds and yellows. There's an interesting reason behind this, as these colors are said to stimulate one's appetite. A full spectrum of colors is also advisable to paint your kitchen with, as it makes you feel livelier. If you're having a hard time getting a good kick start for your day every morning, then a spectrum of colors in your kitchen might be just what you need. Being surrounded by vibrancy as you take a sip of your morning coffee will surely give you the right amount of energy that you need until the end of the day.

Warm and cozy colors for the living room

Living rooms are where most of the socialization in the house takes place. This is where we entertain our guests. This is where we sit with our relatives and friends to mingle and catch up with each others' lives. If you want your living room to be a venue for stimulating healthy conversation, then you might want to choose warm colors such as beige, mustard and other similar earthy tones. These same colors will make your guests feel more connected with each other as well as making them more comfortable with their surroundings. If you want your living room to give off a cozier vibe, then you may also want to try to paint it with dark colors- making it look elegant and edgy at the same time.

Plain and simple shades for the bathroom

Most bathrooms are colored white, or something close to white, as this shade gives you a sense of purity. It's important to feel clean when you are in the bathroom, so it may be a great idea to choose neutral colors to give off this sensation. Colors like green, blue, and turquoise would also fit well with bathrooms as it gives you a sense of calm and lightness, similar with the feeling you get at a spa or salon. If your bathroom is on the small side, stay away from dark colors as it will only make your room appear smaller. 

Green for concentration

Writers are known to isolate themselves in cabins in a distant forest when they're trying to be productive. As much as possible, they want to be surrounded by nature as they bleed with words. There is a reason behind this, as the color green is said to help one concentrate. If you have an office or study room, you might want to consider painting it green for you to become more focused and productive. It may also help to put a window showing a great view of nature to stimulate your mind, making you more creative and inspired.

If you need more information on how to decorate your home, simply click on our Discussions page and get an expert to answer your queries! 

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