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The world's best container homes you have to see

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Container homes are not exactly a foreign concept to the Philippines. Sure, we have seen quite a few of them around, but only as commercial spaces or hotel/hostel accommodations, and never really as a private residence. Well, you know what, you can live in it, too! Not only are these innovative container-turned-homes cheaper than traditional property, they are also a more practical and sustainable choice. Still not convinced? Well, just check out there 10 amazing container houses that will make you want to own one ASAP. 

1. The modern lake house

Look at how this container home just blends beautifully with the environment. A good alternative to the usual kubo, this container home is easier to install, sturdier, not to mention stylish! It is also versatile, so you can design it however you want — modern, minimalist, industrial, or even rustic! If you want to know more about container homes, you can consult with our professionals by contacting them directly.

2. The cozy shack

Ideal for the laid-back crowd, this model includes a dining area, a pull-up bed, comfort room, and mini bar area. Basically, it's got you covered on the essentials, so go ahead, relax by the extended stylish veranda, and catch up on work or that new Netflix series. The interior on this one boasts of practical wood and industrial furnishings, plus stellar lighting. Check out the crate-like ceiling on that roofing as well. Eco-designs of furnishings go well with this type of housing.

3. Eclectic chic

The red and white painted structure looks even more intriguing from afar because of its color and surface design. It's actually three stacked shipping containers combined into one. Strange on the outside, but classy and modern on the inside. You would get a feel of that description from the wide window and door, which give you a peek of its interiors. 

4. The unconventional batchelor's pad

An expansive lot, opulent taste, and practical thinking make this posh black container house suitable for living. As opposed to just maximizing the interiors and exterior, this one adds an industrial-styled terrace with  an extended porch for holding barbecues (perfect for game nights!). Look how the front V-shaped support boosts this structure to contemporary chicness! 

5. In a revolutionary suburb

With the offshoot of suburban living through large tracts of land being converted into such residential areas, it may no longer be impossible to conceive a container home lined neighborhood. This design particularly fits the nonexistent requisites of large-scale container home living. It's compact, got the essential space for the necessary living/dining areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms, plus it has a quaint open terrace above! 

6. The sustainable dollhouse

Container home front street view homify Modern home Iron/Steel

Container home front street view


Since it's pastel-colored, we feel that this would appeal to young girls who would eventually grow into earning women searching for low-cost housing. That's an amazing leap in logic, but it has its truths like how more affordable container housing is compared to the traditional kind. Other than that, this does innovate the typical steel structure because of the appealing painting, exterior placement of doors and windows. Notice also the solar panels positioned above! 

7. House of entertainment

It's not just the black and white color but the posting of iconic film posters on the container's surface which endear us. Apparently it's not totally a home per se since a hip cafe now sits on the second level. Originally built for an old couple who has an extensive collection of LP records, this structure definitely proves that a shipping container is versatile enough to merge a home with a commercial establishment. 

8. Understated elegance

Sitting on fortified rocks and earth, this wooden house has much more to it than it meets the eye. A wood cladding definitely possesses a charm unlike any other because it's reminiscent of an idyllic village, but this one hinges on that idea and takes it to another level. A container vessel covered in wood plus made modern by stylish glass windows, this home is built to make a quiet statement. We also love the breezy terrace attached to the back. This view is actually focused on the back of the house. The main entrance is on the other side which is even more unassuming than this side. 

9. Color pop and eclectic

We will break our own rule just this once in stating that this is about container homes only because of this stunning work. Stacked container vessels painted in delicious hues were turned into rental lodgings. The reason for the resistance is precisely the simultaneous and courageous coloring employed to boost the container vessel to honorable status. Besides, since this provides lodging, it can well be considered as anybody's housing for a day or two. 

10. World heritage site-kind

In Northern Ireland sit one of the most beloved container house on homify. It is innovation, sophistication, and practicality rolled in one superstructure, but it's location tells you how cozy and at home it is to be placed alongside this lush vegetation and the surrounding fauna that grounds it. Read this to know more about its wonderful elements.

Which one is your favorite container home? Share with us in the comments section!
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