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Camping out is almost often exciting because of the great outdoors one would encounter and conquer. There is so much out there to see and experience, but before that, we all want some assurance that we will be safe and relatively comfortable once we are out there in the wild. A good view of dawn and dusk is also a plus! If those mean something to you, explore possibilities with this lake cabin built by FAM Architekti.

Into the woods

Nothing seems safer and cooler than a sleek cabin that has got slats of hard wood barring the entire surface from danger in the middle of the forest. On a more detailed look, the slits reveal a glass window on the upper level which allows a good lookout for anything untoward that may come or on a lighter note it lets in a controlled amount of light. The moss green lining on the other side marks the entryway to the structure. Note the slanted roof that adds character to the cabin from this point of view. Talk about fine carpentry!

Through it we see

Here, the barred and sealed panels and doors are set aside to show the deck where opposite it is a breathtaking view. You may consider it as a convenient way of expressing whether you like this wide of an opening or a partial one to a total lockdown. Imagine how lovely the view must be sitting on that couch as the sun would set. 

Opening to the world

This cabin opens to a wonderful view of a lake that is about less then seven meters from this structure's edge. Folding the panels and sliding the doors this way allows natural wind to condition the interior. From this angle, the side panels are apparently interrupted by a storage space for chopped wood necessary when the nights get colder than usual. 

Shades that somehow shutter

Since the lake is directly outside, heat and light from the sun is bounced off and received by the cabin. Once the panels and doors are fully drawn like this, lesser but decent amount of glare is let through. 

Hidden but practical

A modest sleeping bed is tucked on this part that has already got a wall-mounted light. We are particularly excited for the lucky one who gets to turn on one side and wake up to the sight of a beautiful lake at dawn. A ladder staircase also leads to the mezzanine and taking a camouflage from this view is the door to the cabin's kitchen with a shower.

Curious but convenient

Shut and obscured when not in use, this kitchen is absolutely compact but has all the necessary oven, sink, and cupboards you'll need for cooking. Other than that, it also leads to a shower within. The black finish on this one gives it a separate identity but practical in a sense. 

A lofty slumber

The upper deck is an extended area for sleeping. Here, the modern light fixtures spread across the slanting ceiling are visible. Of course the other visible thing is the glass window which shows a higher view of the forest and comes useful in terms of security. Forget Rapunzel, it is better safe than sorry. 

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