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5 reasons to say yes to prefabricated homes

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Filipinos might ask, What is a prefabricated home?  Well, we're not surprised because prefabricated houses, or prefab as we'd like to call it here on homify, are not as common as it is in countries such as Canada or Poland. But despite being a new concept here in the Philippines, more and more companies are finally offering it in the country. People are also slowly embracing modular homes and here are some of the reasons why:

1. Fast

Prefabricated homes are basically factory-built houses, which means that most of its parts have already been assembled like its wall panels and ceilings. The location would then be prepared as the pre-built parts would be transported there and further assembled. This entire process usually takes days to weeks, depending on the construction company, as opposed to the months or years it would take for an on-site built home.

2. Cheap!

Given its factory-customized nature, prefabricated houses would cost less compared to regularly built houses. This is because it takes less manpower needed in building it on-site. Modular homes also don't require the constant shelling out of money because of the prolonged construction. Most designs that look similar in size and style with on-site built houses are usually cheaper than traditional properties. Although pricing would vary depending on the companies, prefab houses are generally more cost-efficient. 

3. Client-centered

People with a vague idea of what prefabricated homes are probably imagine them to be box-shaped. But here, we shall debunk such notion. These days, architects and engineers have patterned prefab houses after typical ones with the sloped roof with gutters! Now, it's becoming harder now even to distinguish the prefab from a real landed home.

4. Good interior

Prefab doesn't mean boring because you can always decorate the interiors with whatever style you wish. With the right help from interior designers and the prefab housing company's experts, you can definitely achieve that lifelong dream of a contemporary chic and comfortable living room, dining area, bedrooms, bathroom, and other rooms!

5. Integrity

The prefabricated houses of today are now anchored on the trend of energy and environmental efficiency. This does not mean however that they compromise on structural integrity. In fact, most of these houses are designed to withstand stresses during shipping and transportation. Others are built to sustain up to a certain earthquake level and strong typhoons. Again, these would largely depend on the builders' specifications and capacities. 

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