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6 bookshelf designs you will love

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Book lovers of the world unite! If you love reading and the type to hoard them books (just like us here at homify!), we've compiled a list of some of the best bookshelf projects we have on the website. So, read up! Hopefully, some of our picks will inspire a new home for your bestsellers.

Staircase shelf

If you've read our tips on beautifully decorating your staircase, you'd be familiar with this ingenious way of keeping your book collection! The perfect example of form and function combined, we're sure that your friends would compliment you on this one and maybe even steal the idea. We can't blame them if they do. It's amazing. 

Topsy turvy

Use books to bring color to your stark, white space. Install asymmetrical shelves by the wall, and keep your favorites ones within reach with a book holder next to your reading chair.

Controlled chaos

Just when you think that putting bookshelves next to the dining area could not work, this project proves you wrong. With this design, you can feed your tummy with a sumptuous dinner and then feed the brain by picking up one of the books in your collection.

Divide and conquer

Neatly stack your book in a bench and a chessboard shelf like this one! What we love about this shelf aside from its beautiful design is that it also acts as a divider for the living room or reading nook and the space next to it.

Cool and clean

Here's a cool option for people with OCD — a clean and symmetrical shelf to organize your growing collection! Aside from being easy on the eyes, it is also a great option for people with small spaces! Place a comfy chair plus some good lighting and you have a bookstore-inspired reading nook like this one!

The ultimate bookshelf

If you're the kind who's hoarding loads of books in the level of a legit library with a Dewey Decimal Classification System, it's definitely time to think about how you'll store them conveniently. This bookshelf is probably ideal for you to keep those books organized plus that useful sliding ladder makes a worry-free search through your expansive collection. Let's face it, when you're serious about books, you prefer to spend less time rummaging through stacks of them. Plus, it just looks beautiful, doesn't it?

If these seem intimidating, find help with some experts or look for more ideas in study or office rooms.

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