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Walk this way: 9 creative ideas for your staircase

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When renovating or designing a home, staircases are often not the priority. You don't often dwell so much on the look of your staircase compared to where it is situated or what you would be doing after climbing on it. We don't blame you. It's basically natural for stairs to be ignored because once they are sturdy and placed strategically, they have done their part. But, with a little creativity, there are ways on how you can utilize staircases, and even make them the center of your home's attention (we mean, why not, right?). That said, read on how staircases can be elevated to greater heights or purposes below. 

1. Tile it

Be transported to another world every time you walk up and down your stairs by decorating the wall with colorful and exotic tiles reminiscent of the bohemian riads of Morocco or the colorful Peranakan houses of Malaysia and Singapore. If you have your own preference, you can design this wall the way you like it. You may even try to create a mosaic of your favorite things. 

2. Functional storage

Manhattan Micro-Loft Specht Architects Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
Specht Architects

Manhattan Micro-Loft

Specht Architects

One of the problems of living with a large household is space and storage. As a result, you end up with a cluttered and messy home. If this case sounds familiar, get organizing by utilizing the space underneath your staircase by having storage cabinets custom made. Here, a combination of lockers and drawers were constructed, giving it an overall contemporary vibe. 

3. Indoor garden

Give your staircase the green treatment by adding some plants underneath! Arrange them beautifully or seek the assistance of landscape architects and highlight them with some spotlight so that they can be wonderful conversation starters among your guests. Here, a large mirror and a sitting area was placed opposite the garden to make use of the additional space. 

4. Utility and quirkiness

We were blown away by this stair design by Studio Mieke Meijer. If you're the adventurous type, this one might evoke the same emotion from you. The collective disjunction of this staircase is the main reason. At the bottom, you have steps slash study desk slash coffee tables. Meanwhile, the upper part of the staircase, which is secured to the wall, doubles as a display case for magazines and figurines.

5. Drink up

If you're one who serves drinks to his guests or simply loves having a nice swig of the classics regularly, this modish bar would be perfect for you. Offsetting the industrial feel of its surroundings, the plain yellow low cabinet calls for attention without being excessively flamboyant. Hidden beneath the staircase also gives it that cool atmosphere. Do take caution however with dust or dirt coming off from this type of staircase to your glassware. 

6. Geometry class

We take our geometry classes seriously because the topic applies wonderfully in our homes just like this classy staircase lined by rectangular shelves on one side and then white floor-to-ceiling grills, which replace the conventional balustrade. Notice how the white bottom of the staircase subtly connects itself with its geometric opposites, while its actual steps in light brown break the monotony.

7. Page turner

As if your house library is not enough, turning your staircase into a mini library is pretty smart and stylish. Twist the design of the last steps of your staircase by stacking shelves into platforms like this so you serve three purposes: one is to keep books, another is for the steps, and the last is for a convenient reading area like that spot below the staircase! 

8. Colorful twist

While the spiral staircase here brings a bit of a flare to the monotone palette of the house, placing a waiting area accessorized by coordinated hints of gold and red through the framed pieces and carpet gives it more life. Lure your guests inside with this below-the-staircase surprise and you're sure to make them feel at home. For interesting tips, read the 6 decor mistakes to avoid making in your entranceway

9. Fancy lights

Play with lighting by setting it as a background to your foreground of monotoned art pieces that match the color of your staircase. Add a few dangling greens and you're sure to get your guests talking about the tiny museum. You may do away with the plants because the pieces acting like soulful silhouettes in themselves attract awe. 

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