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16 rooms with stairs that will amaze (and inspire) you

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With open-plan living becoming ever more popular in recent years, there are a plethora of homes out there which no longer relegate staircases to the hallway. But how can you make them work in a main space without looking too structural or as though they were an afterthought?

We pondered this question and took a look at what amazing architects have been doing to integrate staircases into wider living spaces and we were blown away by some of the beautiful installations we found. 

We were so impressed, we decided to collate 16 of our favourites to show you today, just in case you're considering building a house with a staircase as a main feature.

1. Contrast and light

Black steps with a white sidewall and perfect lighting makes this staircase really pop against the dark wall, whereas the glass safety rail ensures you don't miss any of the details!

2. Blacker than the night

Paris apartment by Diff.Studio Eclectic

Paris apartment


Wow! Yes, it's dark and gothic but you can't deny this room has a really stylish presence and the staircase has been slotted in so naturally.

Blink and you could miss it but, once you've seen it, you can't look away thanks to those natural wood rungs.

3. An industrial touch

Made from black galvanised steel, this staircase really adds something to the room and helps to balance out the soft, sumptuous furniture. 

It also goes so well with the metal wall structures!

4. Open and organic

The central feature in this wonderfully eclectic room, this open tread staircase somehow manages to even overshadow the indoor garden! 

It must be the simple and elegant design.

5. Wood and white

Isn't this contrast of dark wood treads against white structural side panels just beautiful? With glass safety rails, all eyes are definitely on the striking but simple installation and it perfectly matches everything in the room.

6. Smooth spirals

This sweeping staircase is nothing short of a work of art, thanks to the smooth, swirling design that naturally flows up to the upper-level of the house. 

That stainless safety rail is so contemporary, which is perfect for a house this modern.

7. To the side

We love this staircase that hugs the wall and gently elevates up to the higher level. Open treads help to keep light flowing, which is essential in this dark and cosy space.

8. Simply spectacular

In this modernist living room, the bright white seemingly structure-free staircase is a valuable addition, which almost doubles as sculptural art. 

Of course, it has been ingeniously cantilevered and the effect is staggering!

9. Crystal clear

Innovations with glass - the staircase model LONDRA by Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale Modern Glass
Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale

Innovations with glass—the staircase model LONDRA

Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale

We know that glass staircases won't be for everyone, but we wish they were. 

In a seemingly semi-traditional room, this ultra-modern installation glitters and shimmers with an understated elegance that's impossible to match.

10. Steely stunner

Now this is a staircase with a difference.

Comprised of a stainless steel framework and glass treads, it almost looks as though it's simply hanging in mid-air and perfectly supports the contemporary interior design.

11. Ornate and functional

Who says that necessary structures can't also be beautiful? 

The architect that designed these stairs certainly didn't get that memo, as this is one beautiful installation. Custom ironwork and smooth banisters add a classic elegance to the already beautiful room.

12. Barely there

minimalist  by IAM Design, Minimalist
IAM Design

Glasstree Wall

IAM Design

This staircase is so phenomenal that it almost looks like a commercial installation in a high-end office. 

Cantilevered steel steps with glass treads look so minimal and barely there, we had to look closely. Plus, with just one safety rail, there is a fabulous focus on seamless style.

13. Rustic heaven

This indoor garden room is a real feast for the eyes and when you notice the dark wood staircase in the corner, you start to appreciate the genius at work.

Glass safety rails almost disappear and, with a wooden banister framing the whole room, the effect is amazing!

14. Perfect for Tetris fans

We love how this staircase looks as though it's just a series of identical blocks cascading from the upper-level. 

White cantilevered blocks, topped with dark wood treads, have such a beautiful integral contrast that is softens the concrete wall wonderfully.

15. A central feature

Don't you love these houses that don''t try to hide the staircase but make it the central feature in a room instead? 

This one acts as a great open-plan space divider and, with two different styles of tread in play, it's unusual and eye-catching in the right way!

16. Hollywood glamour

How many of us have dreamt about sashaying down a gently curved staircase? 

Well, this one would be perfect for fulfilling that ambition! With tread lighting, this white installation looks every inch the glamorous transitional feature and it matches all the curved furniture and décor wonderfully.

For more staircase inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 8 modern stone wall ideas to decorate your stairs.

Modern home by Casas inHAUS Modern

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