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Easy tricks to make your home smell great

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Bad odor is not something we talk about with smiles on our faces. We can laugh about it, but we all know that it's mostly out of sarcasm. Let's face it, we do not want air pollution nor any kind of unpleasant smell and we don't want to smell it at home. Thankfully, there are ways to keep our indoors smelling fragrant and they are simpler than most of us think. Read on below to know how you can your sense of smell happy with these simple tricks. 

Use scented candles

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Not only do candles create a romantic and relaxing effect when lighted, but they also smell great! Various scents are available nowadays depending on one's preference. Even if they aren't lit, they can be placed around the house as ornaments and as fresheners. If you're also bothered by the smell of your clothes because of the moth balls inside your closet, try to switch those with a few unlit scented candles and you might feel better the next time you grab a shirt. 

If you'd like to go for a more soulful adventure, you can try using incense, which also emits a relaxing aroma and comes in different scents to suit the mood. 

Simmer citrus peels

If you've got a cleaning-obsessed mom or aunt, you might already be familiar with this and have been told to do the same to your own household. No complaints here because it does really work! Simmer water in a pot or saucepan and toss in peels of citrus fruits you've consumed like oranges and lemon. Keep the lid open and smell the zesty citrus scent slowly flowing around your home. 

Let flowers bloom

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Aside from being wonderful decorations inside the home, flowers give off a nice natural aroma. The best ones to use are roses, jasmine, gardenia, and orchids. If you're allergic to flowers, you can try using eucalyptus and mint. Now, find good areas in the living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms, or the bathroom to place those and remember to change the water inside the vase every few days to keep the flowers and even your family healthy.

Store food and ingredients properly

Sometimes the only reason why there seems to be a pungent smell inside the home is because of a few ingredients which have mixed together because one spilled from an unsealed container and the other left out in the open. So, the best solution is to organize them and when necessary, keep them in sealed containers like this one. While this sounds tedious, it saves you the trouble of finding the many ingredients and condiments you have lining your kitchen counter plus it prevents chances of foul-smelling accidents in the future. 

Take out the trash regularly

This may sound cliche, but it's the simplest task we often overlook. Schedule a weekly disposal of your indoor trash cans, or whenever you've filled them up so that, not only will you be avoiding any unwanted scent to permeate your home's air, but you will also be keeping dirt and bacteria away from your family. Remember to also clean your trash bins every now and then just to be sure.

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