A couple remakes their own front porch

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The exterior is just as crucial as the interior of your home. It sets the tone for those who are visiting your place for the first time, they express a homeowner's personality, and they can well be just the very spot where you share some of the most important memories with your family. Walk with us as we explore Phu Bortnowski's making of this lovely porch to suit a couple's lovely home.

1. Lay down the groundwork

The first phase of the project is an analysis of the space one has to work with. In this case, it's a hexagonal porch with four steps linking the main door from the pavement. On the outset, it's got plenty of potential because not only does it make a first impression by the entrance, but it also adds character to the house depending on how it will be designed. At this point, the basic elements of the project include gravel and a skeleton of wooden frameworks laid out along the risers and edges of the main porch. 

2. Install a sturdy base

Since this project will use wooden flooring, the foundation has to be able to withstand harsh weather particularly being soaked during the rainy season. Gravel on the bottom absorbs moisture making it a perfect base. This horizontal frame on top of the gravel meanwhile supports the flooring and makes it compact plus sturdy. 

3. Measure, cut, and fasten

On the main patio level, measure the length necessary from one end to another where you will be placing the wooden planks. Mark the measurements on the planks. Then, cut the plank. Attach them on your base wooden frame. This project had the planks fastened securely through the combined use of nails and adhesives. Make sure to seek the assistance of wooden flooring experts on the best method applicable to assembling your porch. 

4. Sand and stain

Wood has a natural grainy texture so to keep the flooring polished, the planks underwent the process of sanding. You have the option of sanding each of the planks before they are assembled together or you can do so after having attached them together. The prior is more preferred, although it is tedious, but it makes the planks more resilient. After having them sanded, stain each plank with varnish to give them a nice color. The varnish also serves as a protective coating and adds a bit of luster on them. 

5. Furnish and flourish

To complete this quaint project, furnishings, particularly chairs, were placed to accommodate those who would want to lounge around and appreciate a good moment on this part of the house which is like a prelude to the living room inside. Interestingly, the low fencing on the edges of the main porch level also serves as a a seat to have more people sharing in those special moments of exchanging memories, waiting for sunset, or simply just sitting there one summer afternoon. Perking things up, the once sparse canopy of trailing plants overhead were also made more abundant with the same plus quirky ball lanterns were hung! 

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