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12 secrets to making your space Instagrammable

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What makes a space Instagrammable? It has a unique, extraordinary, interesting, and intriguing interior design concept. It is styled or curated to tell a story. It is combining elements together to form a collective thought, idea, or emotion. It has character like the patterns on the wall. It is powerful like a standout piece of furniture in the living room. It is a single visual image that creates a thousand words. Here are some ideas on how to make your space speak volumes in just one Instagram photo. TIP: Write a catchy caption when you post your photo on Instagram.

1. The protagonist

Single out an interesting item, furniture, or piece of art in the room. Make it outshine the rest with its stance, character, and presence. It has to be the first thing anyone would notice when they walk in.

2. Writings on the wall

If you think something is blah and boring like a plain black wall, create something unexpected like a dining wall that also serves as a blackboard. It would definitely demand a second look or a double tap in an Instagram feed. 

3. Texture is your friend

In something flat and two dimensional as a photo (or a wall when you look at it from a distance), you rely heavily on texture to make something come alive. If you think white is boring, try adding texture like these tiles. It also serves as an excellent backdrop for foreground/background photography style.

4. Shape-shifter

Like texture, a variation in shape gives dimension to a space. Experiment with different shapes and figures and you will come up with something that works according to your style.

5. Pattern maker

With the right pattern, a room can look bigger than it really is. And aside from this practical benefit, it can also enhance the visual aesthetic of your space when done in good taste.

6. Perfectly imperfect

Whether it's the untucked bed, the hanging scarves, or the aged wood, embrace the imperfection of the characters in your story. This is what will get your audience hooked.

7. Color your life

In a sea of IG post that floods your feed, what photo grabs your attention? Exactly. Something bright and blinding like this yellow counter that serves as a mini bar. 

8. Yin and yang

There's something peaceful and relaxing with a balanced setup. The harmony among the furniture that work together is distinct and powerful. Plus, there's something understated about a balanced image. 

9. Hail, Scandinavia

Scandinavian design is always Instagrammable. That's a fact. It's perhaps one of the reason why the Swedish brand IKEA became popular. Its distinct images have been shared all over the world, across all social media platforms.

10. Stay focused

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Pay close attention to certain parts of the house like a door or window. It's like having a one word slogan but with single visual image.

11. Wall art

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Collezioni e realizzazioni


Is it a canvas? Is it a poster? No, it's a wall. We're loving this water color artwork painted over a sketch of an old building. It's art, history, and architecture rolled into one.

12. Personalize it

When you keep your interior design style personal, it's like you are inviting other people to look into your thoughts, desires, and passions. Put up something that will show your personality. But never reveal every thing. It's good to keep them guessing.

Which one is your favorite? We'd love to hear from you below.
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