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8 tips on turning your home into a tropical paradise

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Vacation is almost always like 12 months apart when you're busy making a living in the metropolis. But, if you want to escape the rigors of day to day life or the hustle and bustle of the city but don't have time to go on that much-needed getaway, you can always bring the island into your home. Here, we've rounded up eight ways for you to bring the island closer to home.

1. Combine whites, rattan, and leaves

To achieve a sophisticated tropical haven indoors, furnishings which possess the colors white, brown, and green are the most basic. Rattan is sturdy material popular in tropical countries for furniture. Nowadays, a mixture of a clean, modern couch flanked by cushioned rattan stools and chairs like these are perfect living room staples. Toss in leaf or tropical flower-printed throw pillows for a more lounge-y effect. Also, add in other rattan-made or wooden items for side and coffee tables. 

2. Accessorize with indigenous items

Add personality to your tropical project by scouring antique stores, garage sales, and furniture shops for local or anything-tribal ornaments. Those naturally fit the tropical ambiance and the most interesting part is that they give color to your house! Some might even possess lucky juju. Place them alongside your books and magazines then note how those instantly break the monotony. 

3. Embrace wood

Whether it is on the floor, walls, doors, tables, windows, and chairs; wood is an ideal default for this type of house. There is probably not one house in the tropics that does not have a wood element to it because they are naturally abundant of it. Care must be taken, however, in assessing where this would go in your house to harness its beauty and durability. If a total wood flooring is not possible, opting for wooden vinyl flooring is another option.

4. Choose lightweight, nets, and crochets

Nothing says good slumber quite like this very bed. Recreating paradise is impossible without picking fabrics that are sheer like those of the sarong and this canopy over the four-posted bed! Crochets, ropes, and nets can also be used to decorate your sanctuary. Try to stick to sandy shades for your palette or go adventurous with greens, oranges, and yellows. Blue can also work since it is calming like the sea and is the very foundation of the nautical theme. In this design, wood was used as a ceiling and the floor a polished marble. 

5. Start planting palms

If you're absolutely serious about this project, you'll also commit to incorporating palm plants in your home. Lots of them. Besides being an actual tropical plant, they look good in and outside of the house. So yes, you may place them on dead spots indoors. In fact, try looking for the assistance of landscape architects to help you find other tropical plants like crotons, ferns, and bromeliads to place by your entrance, along path walks, and side areas.

6. Construct a patio

Don't miss out on a good sunset by confining yourself within cemented walls. The best solution to appreciate nature is having more open spaces in your house. Have a patio built like this one which has a tough yet stylish roofing. Throw in a nice couch and lounge chairs to feel like your just in Boracay! If that's not practicable, using glass doors, panels, and wide windows are great alternatives to let in a lot of light inside the home plus give you a view of dawn or dusk. 

Check out this alternate patio built on solid bamboo framework and other natural materials. Notice the soft lighting around the area which gives it a luxurious atmosphere. 

7. Try nipa roofing

Nipa, made of stitched dried palm leaves, is common in the tropics especially in warm areas. Used particularly in rural areas, this can withstand most rains. These days, nipa has been revolutionized to fit contemporary architecture. Hotels and resorts use them to add to their exterior aesthetics. Try using this to your own patio or gazeebo to actualize the vacation vibe. 

8. Have a pool or a pond

Actualize paradise to the next level with your own pool! Modern pool designs include a teak wood poolside upon which sit lounge chairs that ultimately add more luxury. Accentuate your mini oasis with palm trees and tropical shrubs. This design showcases a sultry yet amusing rock sculpture. If this takes up much space, narrower designs like the lap pool is a perfect alternative. Having a pond is another option where you can grow a few koi fishes. 

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