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8 chic ways to decorate with antique furniture

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Classic never goes out of style. Aside from their ability to stand the test of time, it is mainly one of the reasons why one would not easily auction off heirloom pieces . Wouldn't it be nice to live in a home with so much history like Jane Austen's Pemberley and Netherfield estates or France's Chateau de Versailles, with their centuries old furniture? But, since we can't live in those, why not just entertain the thought of recreating their vibe into your very own home? We've rounded up a few tips to get you close to achieving that nostalgia. 

Back to basics

Texture is a smart yet subtle method to spice up any room. Think of the basic textures like wood, metal, plastic, and fiber. You would be surprised how a little dash of wood against metal adds depth to any interior design. Try to work within a particular color palette to harmonize them like how this dated large wooden wall mirror was painted green which compliments the other greens, whites and warm yellows and browns of the metal table and chairs and the rest of the elements. It sounds tricky but once you've put them all together, you'll have a magazine spread-worthy interiors and it would all look like it was effortlessly done like a pro. And, yes, it's all in the details.

Explore multiple uses

Long gone are the days when a chair is confined to just being a part of the sofa set, the dining table, and the tea party ensemble. An old wooden chest can also be turned into a an end-of-bed chest and even a makeshift coffee table. Vintage suitcases have been stacked to become end tables. Times have indeed changed! So, don't be afraid to make an antique chair into your bedside table to carry that night lamp, smartphone, and spectacles. This one by Tiago Patricio Rodrigues, Architecture and Interiors placed two identical antique chairs on opposite sides of the bed to add symmetry and more space to hold one's bedside essentials. If lavishing in finer pieces is your choice, a lot of Marie Antoinette-esque designs for bedrooms are also worth emulating. 

Blend them well

Unless you're aiming to set a uniform era for all of your pieces of furniture, mixing one generation with another is always a more striking and less tedious option. Just think of all the furniture shops, antique stores, and collectors you'd have to contact to complete a 19th century living room! Nowadays, a pair of classic and modern breaks the monotony in designing the interiors of your home.

Add color

Moroccan Tiles Pixers Living room Blue

Moroccan Tiles


We all know that a natural wood color and texture is fine, but sometimes it can get boring. Sure, we'd like to be treated seriously and scholarly just like how wood evokes such in libraries, but then again, life is too short to miss out on going all-out with colors. The same goes for furniture! So, assess your home's probable color palette, head to the hardware store, grab that paint and brush, and whip that dull vintage surface with a vibrant makeover. 

Goodbye, brown shelf

Here's a fun take on the traditional wooden bookshelf. Note how the contrasting pink and white table and chair add personality to the overwhelming green bookshelf and indoor plant. 

Play with shades

If you're not into contrasting hues, go for blending light to dark shades of one color! Apply the technique of mixing and matching further and you get a shabby chic dining set like this one where round-back chairs with a classy white-blue combination face a long cushioned and throw-pillow strewn seat, accompanied by modern wingback-type chairs. Remember to go neutral on other key aspects like the floors and walls to serve as a canvas.

Opt for patterns

Close up of bed and chair Zodiac Design Modern style bedroom
Zodiac Design

Close up of bed and chair

Zodiac Design

Aside from simply working on shades and tints, we can now play with patterns. It's like basking in the wonder of classifying navy stripes of blue and white as haute couture like what Gabrielle Coco Chanel did. So, maximize this advantage and play with prints for the fabric of that timeless open-arm pull-up chair. It's a great alternative to adding a patterned wallpaper. Another plus side is that if you're looking for antique furniture to upholster, there is a wide variety to choose from these days.

Let them standout

We've hinted on contrasting colors earlier, but have also given you the idea of sticking to a single color. We advice you now to take the risk of using a hue for your antique furniture that pops out against the rest in the area. It's all about experimenting. As with this one, look how interesting the revamped classy chairs appear alongside the contemporary pieces in white and the white wall, never mind the other dark items around. Go and get wild trying out this technique to your own home. 

A theme that speaks to you

When you've religiously followed most of the already mentioned tips, go the extra mile and try applying a theme for your house or every room! This one makes use of quirky pieces from different times and with slightly different colors against a plain white wall. Look how the colors unite to add a colorful undertone, with hints of gold and funky patterns against the dominant hues of pink and black, which transports you to another time. 

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