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19 smart ways to store your clothes

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At one point or another, we are all guilty of cluttered and disorganized closets. There's just too many clothes we don't wear or we are too lazy to keep things in order. We'll tell you a trick. If your closet is convenient to use, half of the work is done for you. Check out these smart ways to build cabinet for your clothes.

1. Maximize your attic. Make sure that even the slightest corners are used when you whip up your interior design plan.

2. Drawers are your friends. Exercise smart segragation.

4. Use interesting hooks for your bags or scarves.

5. Make your life easier with pullout closets.

6. That space under your bed could be used as a closet, too!

7. Keep your clothes inside a glass cabinet. You can see every thing right away. Plus, it looks chic and modern!

8. Disguise your closet to make your space look neat.

9. Color and print coordinate your clothes.

10. Store your shoes somewhere unexpected.

12. Make your closet more functional by installing mirrors.

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14. There's never enough storage space. Ever. See what we mean?

15. Instead of tossing your clothes on the floor, try to hand them neatly like this.

16. Island drawer gives you additional space to store your clothes.

17. That mezzanine you do not use could be your walk-in closet.

18. Your divider could work as an interesting focal point in the bedroom by using it as open storage space.

19. Create surprise storage space.

What is your favorite smart way to store your clothes? We'd love to hear from you below.
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