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Home décor tips to cheer you up

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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So South Africa might be enjoying the beginning phase of spring and even a touch of summer in some places but that doesn't mean that winter won't be dawning on us in just a few months. To keep ahead of the trend this cold winter season, why not plan a fun DIY winter home makeover that will make your home space that much warmer during the dark and dreary rainy season? And by planning in advance you can even budget for some cool new additions without breaking the bank. 

Winter is all about sipping hot chocolate in front of a crackling fire, enjoying the sound of the rain tapping against the window and just hiding out indoors to escape the cold and wet, but that doesn't mean your home should reflect the outdoors! In fact that's so much of a better reason to have a beautiful and homely atmosphere indoors welcoming you home after facing the harsh elements!

Colours to avoid

The bedroom is that comfortable and warm space that everyone enjoys to cuddle in over cold rainy weekends, but that doesn't mean that a bedroom needs to be dark and dreary too. Avoid dark colours reflective of the cold season this winter by livening up your bedroom with some brighter colours!

Adding a vibrant touch to your bedroom will perk up your mood too! It will make you feel more excited to get up in the morning, exude warmth and adding a touch of fantasy and enchantment to a room. The change doesn't have to be permanent in the form of painting your bedroom, you may prefer to switch back to a cooler neutral tone in summer. But making a change through a turquoise duvet cover and some matching floor sweeping curtains could be just the pick me up you need!

While you at it, create a diversion on the floor with a large elegant and white rug, it will add an extra warmth and finish off the bedroom wonderfully. 

For more bedroom inspiration, check out: How To Make Your Bedroom More Romantic.

Positive messages on the walls

We've seen these fantastic quotes in magazines and online, so why not add some of those inspirational words to your home? They are cost effective, simple to use and will add life to any boring wall, plus you don't need to hammer anything to make these vinyl stickers stay stuck! So easy!

Coming into someone's home and seeing these profound words of wisdom will provide an insight into their character and philosophical way of thinking and with so many different fonts and sizes to choose from, any home can see an addition like this fit in!

The quotes are fun, quirky and can be that mood lightener you need especially in winter, when family time becomes indoor time more than ever. How amazing does this piece by Icon Wall Stickers look just above a roaring fire, it certainly completes the space in a simple and uncluttered way!

Plenty of natural light

Natural light should be a staple in any home regardless of the season, but during the cold winter months the addition of spaces that accentuate natural sunlight will have a totally different effect to that experienced during summer. The arrival of this daily light will actually add physical warmth to a room, whether it be through a large window or well positioned skylight, natural light should be harnessed and used to its full potential throughout a home!

This daily addition of light will brighten up any room, space or outdoor area making it instantly more welcoming to be in. Forget dark corners and walls, opening up a home through natural sunlight methods such as skylights or well-placed windows will make it instantly livelier this winter! Exposure to sunlight is also a way for the human body to convert cholesterol into Vitamin D, something which we all need! So open those curtains and enjoy the warmth this winter!

Fresh flowers and plants

Victorian Townhouse Classic style bedroom by Etons of Bath Classic
Etons of Bath

Victorian Townhouse

Etons of Bath

Including some fresh flowers at least weekly to parts of the home will add an unexpected splash of colour and ensure that a magnificent scent is transported throughout the home. There is certainly nothing quite as amazing as freshly selected flowers, the sight and smell instantly provides an anti-depressive effect to a home.

Winter flowers are obviously different to those available during the summer months, but that doesn't mean they will be any less vibrant or scented. The choices are certainly endless as to where flowers should be placed, in a living room or on the dining room table are staple ideas, while creating a potted plant section in a home is also a good idea.

But why not opt for some greenery in the kitchen too, making those essential cooking herbs within arm’s reach! Ever thought of how gorgeous mint leaves would smell placed wonderfully in a pot plant at the window? How's that for mood lifting?

Photographs of loved ones

scandinavian  by Vintagist.com, Scandinavian

Antic Shabby Chic Wooden Multi Photo Frame in Pastel Colours—Distressed Look


A home can be a designated space for memories of family and loved ones still nearby or passes on, but that doesn't mean photographs of them should be hidden in a box under a bed somewhere or up in the attic where no one can be reminded of them or reminisce about the good old days. 

Adding a selection of framed photographs that remind family members about their ancestors or that vacation when everyone was a gawky looking teenager means a home has been lived in, love has been experienced there and great times were had. Definitely uplifting a room or a home entirely! 

Those black and white studio photos will surely make for an entertaining conversation during the next family reunion or why not enlarge and have old wedding photos printed on canvas? The style and quality of everything that was experienced during the early years will always make for a stunning collection of vintage decor.

Minimise clutter

We all know how it feels to come home after being caught in the unexpected rain and drenched from head to toe, but that doesn't mean that coming home means you shouldn't be able to find a quick change of clothes or towel as quickly as possible.

Having enough storage space in a hallway is perfect for hiding that quick 'just in case' change of clothes, wellington boots, and an umbrella, a towel to dry off and maybe even a blanket. It's best to keep similar supplies in one place and the best way to minimise clutter is by ensuring storage is solved.

This means next time you head out on a rainy day every supply will be at hand on the way to the front door and the items will have a perfect place to be returned to when you come home. Don't be caught without an umbrella because you couldn't find it.

Modern home by Casas inHAUS Modern

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