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Money-saving tips for decorating your condominium unit

Katherine Rañeses Katherine Rañeses
Small U Shaped Kitchen Elan Kitchens Kitchen White
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Decorating a condominium unit can be quite expensive. Between finding the right-sized furniture to complement your home and creating the look you want, a lot of it may involve getting custom pieces made to fill a small space to importing furniture and accent pieces from Singapore or the US for everything to look just right. But a beautiful home needn't be a burden on the budget. Here are my money-saving tips for decorating your condominium: 

Start with a blank slate

Small U Shaped Kitchen Elan Kitchens Kitchen White
Elan Kitchens

Small U Shaped Kitchen

Elan Kitchens

Paint is the most affordable decorating tool you have, so what are you waiting for? Sometimes, less it more and all you need is a fresh coat of pain in a neutral color to make a small space look bigger and brighter. Keep to colors like pure white, dove gray or even robin's egg blue as the base color of your condo unit, and accents of color here and there to break up the space, like the bright red kitchen stools that separate the breakfast nook from the dining area from Elan's Kitchen.

Separate spaces with curtains

Keep costs down by using sheer curtains to divide up a room instead of hiring a contractor to create an extra wall or add a door. This is a subtle way of compartmentalizing your space without it having to look small and cramped, as well as making the most of the light you'd get from any nearby windows.

Redesign your furniture layout

Believe it or not, your space can look dramatically different just by moving the furniture! Find a new focal point – like a fireplace, an outdoor view, an accent wall with a television, and move your furniture to compliment it. By removing some furniture you can get a more open space, and the room may function better.

Save on art pieces

Living Room homify Living room

Living Room


In order to add character to a condominium unit, add personalized art to each room. It doesn't have to be expensive—blow up your favorite photos of you recent travel, your kids, or your pets to display on the wall, buy and download digital files from Etsy merchants, or create your own—it just needs to be something you'd enjoy looking at. Use throw pillows, throw blankets, and area rugs to give your ‘old’ room a new look and feel and try a new color palette by mixing and matching patterns and solids.  These accessories are inexpensive and can be changed on a whim.  Have a worn area on the floor? Cover it with a funky new area rug – instantly and cheaply solving a decor dilemma.

Size matters

With condos being such small spaces, every inch of space counts—walls included! Turn a comfortable corner into your mini bar by adding shelves and effortlessly entertain guests.

Pretty with plants

What's a better way to spruce up any space than by adding pretty potted plants to the mix! Leevensfeer adds lots of color and life into a bright corner of this condominium unit by picking plants with interesting leaf patterns and beautiful foliage. 

Add an accent wall

When buying decorative pieces for your home, use the majority of your money on items that will make a huge statement. With the living room usually being the biggest space in condominium units, create drama with a wallpapered accent wall instead of cluttering it with knick knacks. 

Eclectic family hand-me-downs

Ceramic Cactus Vases rigby & mac Living roomAccessories & decoration
rigby & mac

Ceramic Cactus Vases

rigby & mac

You will never really know what's inside your grandma's baul until to rifle through it and unearth treasures from a once forgotten past. We tend to collect the most eclectic mix of things as we get older, and having it on display in your modern condo just adds that little bit of nostalgia and a memory of a loved one. Also, you can get all those treasures for free!

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