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5 dull kitchens get their sparkle back

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The kitchen is perhaps the one area of your house that sees maximum wear and tear. This is simply because it's often the heart of the home. Over time, a kitchen needs to be remodelled to keep up with the times and technology. Do you have have an old kitchen that you don’t like anymore? This group of five kitchens underwent a surprising transformations. Pay special attention to the elements used—such as creating extra space, new lighting or new flooring—that give these kitchens a new life.

1. Before: Dated and dull

A small kitchen can eventually end up becoming claustrophobic. Appliances are likely to get outdated after a while. Therefore, a transformation is necessary. As is evident in this picture, the kitchen has only enough space for one person, and can barely fit in the fridge.

After: Open and cheerful

The interior architects at Transition Interior Design used their magic and the end result is a glorious open kitchen. Knocking down just one wall can do wonders. Of course the modern looking brass lamps and brand new kitchen island help as well.

2. Before: Blast from the past

Windows are meant to bring in light, not keep it out. Even your kitchen deserves some natural light. In this before picture, the windows are covered with curtains, and most of the light comes from an artificial source. Not too inspiring is it? Add to that the old fittings and dark wood cabinets and we can see that this space needs some serious change.

After: Well-lit and spacious

The perfect antidote to this problem is to open up the windows. A change in the furniture makes the kitchen look bright and inviting. The appliances are put aside and the kitchen seems airier.

3. Before: Dreary and old

After a while, the furniture in the kitchen will look worn out due to the constant use. In this kitchen, the old flooring was outdated and the overall design didn’t give off a good vibe.

After: Cosy and contemporary

Therefore, the designers decided to work with the same space and upgrade the entire area. The almost all-white kitchen you see in the after version has completely new furniture and lighting. And we all know that white makes a space look bigger just like strategic lighting.

4. Before: Lack of organisation

While eclectic elements in a kitchen can be charming, overdoing it can also result in a kitchen that is untidy and full of clutter. Despite the storage, we see everything on the countertop, leaving no room for a person to cook.

After: Trendy and practical

The designers decided to go with simplicity while remodelling this kitchen. They removed all the extra furniture and edges and replaced it with an elegant side table. The cabinets got a makeover as well, with half using beautiful wood and the other half using white wood. The mish-mash was replaced with simple elements to elevate it.

5. Before: Nightmare

Unfortunately, the before picture looks like somebody had a major cooking accident. It is uninviting and unappealing, starting from the wall tiles to the countertop. The exposed wires pose a safety hazard as well.

After: Minimal and neat

But the stunning transformation will leave you speechless. Minimalism has taken the front seat. New countertops and new cabinets are just the beginning. The walls were painted white and the flooring was replaced with simple and elegant wood.

You probably couldn’t help falling in love with these transformations. So which one do you think looks the best? Here’s another story you might like - A dusty old home gets back its charm.

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