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A cliffside paradise in Phuket

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Villa Amanzi—a breathtaking cliff-top residence befitting of a Bond film—is a jaw-dropping six-bedroom, three-storey mansion situated on the Thai island of Phuket. Perfectly positioned within the exclusive enclave of Cape Amarin within a cascading, west-facing ravine, this unbelievable dwelling is as imposing as it is beautiful. Designed by Original Vision, Villa Amanzi enjoys an idyllic position within this busy island, and is perched high atop the cliffs edge, with lofty views over the Andaman Sea. Maximising its situation, the home has been designed with many luxury features, not the least of which include a 15-metre infinity-edge swimming pool. Additionally, there are six ensuite bedrooms, touch-screen lighting and air conditioning, and a private staircase leading to the ocean. 

The fundamental component to the structure and design of this house is the rock that it sits upon. The dwelling is united with its landscape, and appears to work in a cohesive manner with the spectacular surrounding scenery. To quote the architect; 'the principal defining element is the rock. It dominates at every juncture, resonating on first approach, through the migration from public to private space where one is almost forced to touch it.' 

Today on homify we are privileged to take a tour inside this sensational and remarkable home. If you would like check out the different features of this daring and magnificent dwelling, browse the following images, and perhaps start planning your next tropical getaway!

An eye-catching and daring façade

The first thing we notice when we set eyes upon this house is its unique and remarkable form. As the architect has stated, the house looks as though it grows out of the rock, and works in a cohesive manner with the surrounding environment. The most impressive feature simply has to be the 15 metre infinity pool, which juts out over the cliff, and provides occupants a perfect place to take in the sweeping views of the ocean. The house employs a white render to the exterior, adding to the crispness of the design, and works wonderfully with the picturesque tropical landscape. 

We're extremely eager to see inside this amazing residence, let's check out the interior…  

A film-worthy entrance

The entrance is particularly stunning and features a path of steps that weave through the sloping tropical garden. Upon reaching the home, the visitor then crosses a small bridge over the pond, and into a huge open plan living space. The dwelling is wonderfully airy and spacious, incorporating 18-metre floor-to-ceiling glass doors that can be completely opened, or closed during inclement weather. 

This extensive use of glazing creates a continuity between the natural environment and the home. This in turn helps to ensure the design is sympathetic to its habitat, reducing the impact it imparts on the landscape. Here in this image we get a great view of the pond area, as well as the huge rock formation that works as an element throughout the construction of the house 

The perfect space for rest and relaxation

This dwelling is a true retreat and getaway. Featuring some of the most open plan spaces we have seen, the house is wonderfully secluded, allowing privacy, without requiring traditional fences or walls. The neighbours are virtually invisible, hidden behind other rock formations, and ensure the house is secluded and segregated from the rest of the street. 

In this image, the lower level of the home features a huge living/family room, abundant audio visual equipment, table tennis table, and small bar area. The colour scheme within these spaces is neutral, with splashes of bright vivacious colour, evoking a sense of the tropical aesthetic and ambience. 

A casual dining space

One of the best elements of this design is the easy-going and relaxed ambience. The house is superb, and utterly opulent, yet feels welcoming, and sympathetic to families who may want to relax and rest. 

Here in the dining space, the table is contemporary, with bench style seating that creates a nonchalant atmosphere. As Phuket can get extremely humid and hot during both the summer and winter months, ceiling fans have been installed. As well as air conditioning, the fans are controlled using a touch screen, and provide the occupants with cooling air, and a little relief from the harsh heat.

At one with the surrounding landscape

No picture demonstrates more clearly the way the home has been built into the rock face along the northern boundary. Here we can actually see the rock jutting and intersecting with the home, creating a cohesion and a symbiosis with the land. The gorgeous granite rock formation provides a unique and spectacular natural wall to the villa, allowing it a sense of individuality, as well as innovation. 

In the foreground of this image we see the water feature that has beautiful frangipani flowers float and emit their intoxicating scent throughout the dwelling. 

Creating open-air living spaces

The house boasts huge open-air living spaces, due to the wonderful volume of glazing that has been employed in the design. As we look from this perspective, we are able to see the opening to the home, where the large 18 metre long glass sliding doors sit. When these doors are open, the space is undeniably luxurious, but can be closed to provide a more cosy and snug resting place. 

To infinity and beyond!

This is the undeniable gem of the property, the 15 metre long infinity-edge pool. Boasting total panoramic views over the coastline, this wonderful addition is the icing on the cake, and the pièce de résistance! When swimming, the sensation is that you are at one with the ocean, and there appears to be no definable edge to the pool. This is the perfect place to cool off, and relax away from the sweltering tropical heat. 

Undoubtedly out favourite feature within this dwelling, the pool cements this home as a lavish, luxuriant, and magnificent home. 

Bathroom with a view

Here we see a truly glorious bathroom space, which like many of the other rooms in the house, makes the most of the unbelievable Andaman Sea views. Take a shower while looking across the azure blue sea, this is the epitome of luxury and perfection. There are adjustable blinds for privacy, and the shower features a rain-style shower head as well as built in shelving. 

Take another look…

As we take another look at this unique and impressive property, we see the many levels that the house occupies. The top floor is the bedroom wing, and features a master bedroom with ensuite and abundant dressing space, as well as four other bedrooms with bathrooms. The ground level is the living area, with family, and formal spaces, while the lower ground level has a massage area, and adjacent Jacuzzi spa bath. This lower level is embedded into the tropical foliage, and provides the occupant spectacular views through the tree canopy to the sea.

A bird's eye view

Taking a bird's eye view of the home we are able to see the stunning shape and form of the house. The pool is a standout feature, while the two intersecting rectangles allow a truly magnificent juxtaposition of nature and contemporary architecture. 

One feature we cannot see from here is the private pathway to the seafront. This is accessed via the living room, and weaves through the natural forest canopy to the secluded shale beach below. The steep jungle path is a wonderful addition that allows individuals to make the most of the natural sea as well as the home's swimming pool. 

We hope you liked this striking Phuket home! If you would like to see another extravagant residence, dive in to The Water House.

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