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7 workspaces that invite productivity

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Working at home could be quite challenging. There are distractions all around the house. The kids may be running around or the television in the living room may be too loud. That's why it's important to have your own workspace--not in the dining room or the bedroom. There should be a designated area in the house that is entirely meant for work. Once you have that part of the house to work at, consider several factors to make it conducive to productivity. Here are some workspaces for inspiration. 

Open up the view

It's quite refreshing to see the blue sky when you look up from your computer screen. Consider a wide window that could give you a relaxing view of the horizon.

Bring out your personality

Since you'd be spending a lot of time in your workspace, why don't you make it a place you would actually want to hangout? If your work is music related or you just like music, put up your favorite guitar or your precious vinyl collection.

Be playful with the colors

Keep your workspace vibrant and lively with some splashes colors. Go a little crazy and paint the bookshelves in different colors and choose a fiery red work chair. Or perhaps you want to go trendy? Then opt for greenery to make your workspace Pantone color-ready for 2017.

Write down your ideas

Sometimes, your creative juices just keep on pouring that you can get overwhelmed. Would you like for that million-dollar idea to just slip your mind? Better be ready with a huge black board to jot every thing down!

Brighten up the space

Love is in the air by Pixers Classic

Love is in the air


Whether it's tall windows or light colored paint and wall coverings, it's always a good idea to have a bright and open workspace. It makes you feel easier to breathe when you are under a lot of pressure with work.

May the force be with you

We all have our comic hero or movie icon. And no matter how old we get, our eight-year-old self will always get excited at the sight of Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. So when they are looking at us while we are working, we'll be happily forced to do our best, right?

Stay motivated

Get a little help from the objects in your workspace when you're having a mental block or you hit a bump on the road. Be inspired to push harder and work more with your favorite motivational quote hanging on the wall.

Do you feel inspired to create your own workspace? Which one is your favorite? We'd love to hear from you below.
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