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Fun decorating ideas for every zodiac sign

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Select your zodiac sign below to get design inspiration to make sure your personal space reflects your Sun sign.

Aries: Color it red

This dynamic fire sign is drawn to different shades of red so why not coat that boring wall (just one wall, don’t overdo it!) in fire-engine red? Or splurge on a crimson sofa? If that’s too much for you, then incorporate pops of red around the house – better if these scarlet accents are curios from your travels around the world.

Taurus: Tactile pleasures

The sensuous Taurean craves comfort and coziness above all else. A jumbo bed, ultra downy pillows, and a thick, furry throw in rich earthy browns and shades of green are key to setting up the perfect Bull pen.

Gemini: Yin and yang

Mix and match is the game to play with the Twins. A skillful, tasty combination of two contrasting styles – say, traditional furniture with abstract art (or vice-versa!) or modern seating on oriental rugs – is a spot-on choice for their day-and-night personality.

Cancer: An ocean feel

Mediterranean Style Rencraft Kitchen Wood Blue

Mediterranean Style


You’ll usually find the nostalgic Crab in the heart of every home – the kitchen. To turn it into your happy place, indulge your water desires with sea-inspired elements such as jars of colored sand, sea shells and cool, calming ocean hues.

Leo: Loud and proud

A larger-than-life sign deserves an equally vivacious home. African ceremonial masks, Renaissance art, animal print accents, fine china, and more importantly, gilded (gold) shades and everything shiny and bright – all these bold choices perfectly represents the Leo’s den.

Virgo: Zen perfection

A clean and orderly house. A meticulously organized room. Beautiful but functional items. It’s all the perfectionist Virgo wants in a home. Play up neutral shades such as celadon green, dove gray, or white with pops of color (preferably a vase of fresh flowers). For inspiration, check out this home where Zen meets ultra modern.

Libra: It’s all symmetry

Stylish, intellectual and more than a bit OC when it comes to balance and symmetry, the artistic Libran appreciates perfect design. Go for traditional furniture arrangements, matching seating, cohesive colors (preferably of the blue spectrum), and pastel nooks.

Scorpio: Intense drama

Live up to your dangerous reputation with a bold statement, like a black wall or textured white on white design. Let your passionate side flourish with luxurious materials such as velvet and marble.

​Sagittarius: Constant switch

Avid travelers allergic to boredom, Sags welcome change with open arms. So keep your walls neutral to highlight your rotating display of travel treasures and exotic collectibles. Got any religious artifacts or vintage suitcases? Bring ‘em out now!

Capricorn: Leather love

Floreat Residence, Perth, Western Australia Moda Interiors Living room
Moda Interiors

Floreat Residence, Perth, Western Australia

Moda Interiors

The Cap loves his grandfather clocks, wood surfaces, and of course, the ubiquitous leather armchair. But stay in present day with bright pieces of art and modern furnishing. Also, get fresh flowers to spruce up your neutral-and-brown-heavy interiors.

Aquarius: Sunbathed space

Since you crave airy and light spaces, white walls, paper light fixtures and big windows are must-haves in your home. After all, a sun-drenched home is always a happy home, as far as Aquarians are concerned. Let that natural light you love so much inside!

Pisces: Open nature

Natural bohemians, Pisceans need a home that gets their creativity going. But the Fish also need a space where you can meditate or just daydream. Surround yourself with serene ocean shades like lilac or green, silk throw pillows or even a Zen fountain or aquarium to help calm you. Add in some scented candles (or lighting that mimics candlelight) and make sure your windows open up to nature.

Casas inHAUS Modern home

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