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7 cool ideas for the perfect beach house!

Katherine Rañeses Katherine Rañeses
Bedroom Modern style bedroom by Pixers Modern
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One of the best things about living in the Philippines is that a beach is never too far away. And with the thousands of islands (7,107 to be exact) that make up the country, owning beachfront property is actually closer to reality than one realizes. 

So, when you're ready to invest in a plot of land near a beach or are sprucing up the family vacation home, here are seven cool ideas for the perfect beach house:

Cool and casual is key

Let's Surf Eclectic style bedroom by Pixers Eclectic

Let's Surf


A clean, crisp aesthetic is essential for beach-living. Pure white walls bring in lots of light, plus they make each room look a lot bigger. Decorate your space with furnishings awash in colors of the sea, casual posters of the beach, palm trees, or affirmations that resonate with you!

Awash with sunlight

The Beach House, Carbis Bay Modern home by Laurence Associates Modern
Laurence Associates

The Beach House, Carbis Bay

Laurence Associates

The whole point of getting a place by the sea is to be able to look out at the ocean and admire the calm, tranquil sea or the angry, frothy waters from the safe distance of your home. Install big glass windows that face the waves to enjoy the magnificent sunrises and sunsets. 

'Aquascape' your home

The Beach House, Carbis Bay Modern dining room by Laurence Associates Modern
Laurence Associates

The Beach House, Carbis Bay

Laurence Associates

Take inspiration from your view of the outside and bring it in, either with small accent pieces like candelabras that look like coral and displaying collected sea glass in jars or big ones like a table top made from driftwood or giant shells collected from walking along the shore. This also helps to create a seamless transition from the beach to your home.

Pops of green

tropical  by homify, Tropical

Butterfly Palm Tree (Dypsis lutescens)


Every house needs a plant or two to tie a look of a room together, beach houses included. You can start small with a collection of succulents, then work yourself up to ferns and philodendrons or until you are confident enough to take care of palms and small trees, like the fiddle-leaf fig. Most of them need minor tending to and need only to be watered up to two to three times a week. Just not salt water, please.

Spruce up the kitchen

With everyone making the most of the sun and surf for the better part of the day, the kitchen will definitely be the busiest and most-used part of your beach house, with people coming in and out for a drink or a bite to eat. Pick floors that are easy to wipe down and chairs that can handle wet bottoms! Make a statement with a bold accent wall or colorful cabinets so people can find their way to sustenance faster, also adding a fun, playful element to your space.

Kick back with a hammock

minimalist  by Trinity hammocks, Minimalist Textile Amber/Gold
Trinity hammocks

Unity Single Hammock 2016

Trinity hammocks

Take a break from the sun and hang out in the shade with a big hammock and a good book—that's the life, isn't it? There are a few manufacturers of hammocks in the Philippines, but you can always have one delivered from someplace else. Choose from plain ones made from nylon and polyester, to ones woven from rattan, to the more colorful ones made of a strong cotton fabric.

Make a mural

Sea Side Modern style bedroom by Pixers Modern

Sea Side


Bring the beach inside the home and dedicate a wall to a mural complete with waves, sand, sea, and surf. You don't need to look too far for inspiration—from the beautiful white sandy beaches of Boracay, to the limestone rocks that make up the seascape of El Nido, to the pink sands that make up the beach of Sta. Cruz Island, there is always another beach waiting to be explored.

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