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Nifty noticeboards: a stylish way to clear paper clutter

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When we think of noticeboards or bulletin boards, our minds immediately picture the corkboard—a humble 20th century invention that has seen numerous stylistic changes throughout its long life. Cork itself has existed for millennia, first seen in ancient Greece and Egypt, cork was a helpful yet simple material, used commonly as bottle stoppers, fishing accessories and footwear. Undoubtedly, it was a convenient bark-substance that became a worthwhile household essential for many daily tasks and duties. Fast forward to 1890 and cork waste by-products were being amalgamated into sheets for insulation—skip ahead a further 34 years, and a fellow by the name of George Brooks had created the world’s first bulletin board on which to pin notes and reminders.

We often take the modest cork board for granted, but it is a versatile, economical and practical way to ensure your workspace is clean, uncluttered and organised. Aside from the generic cork or pin board, there are various options and styles when it comes to pinning your notes—take a gander over the following sophisticated, trendy and updated noticeboards, and begin your stylish office renovation today.

Multi-purpose hallway helper

Now, although this little beauty isn’t exactly a place to store paper, it works in a remarkably organised way, allowing you to jot down any important notes that will be visible just before you walk out of your front door. In addition to this, the little blackboard is magnetised, allowing you to affix any significant follow-ups, tickets or other important pieces of paper, ensuring they don’t get lost or forgotten. With a space for a pencil and your keys as well, place this neat organiser in your entrance hallway and safeguard any lost knick-knacks, notes or items that need to be remembered.

Repurposed frame

We all have those annoying bits and pieces laying around our homes, cluttering the atmosphere and exuding a chaotic ambience. Time to clear up that mess and inject your home with a little smart organisation. This repurposed frame is an excellent way to ensure all of your photos, memos, notes and letters have their right place, and are located within an easy reach, and stylish place. Rummage through your local second hand shop and see what you can find, often old paintings and prints have stylish and delightful vintage frames that can be repainted and given a new and practical lease on life.

Minimal and stylish

Now who says noticeboards need to be old-fashioned cork? Forget those dowdy pinboards of yesteryear, and remove anything reminiscent of a 90s office space. Any item of home décor that oozes unattractiveness and looks messy, has no place within your stylish abode. This noticeboard takes the original somewhat plain design, and presents an attractive way to store any inspirational notes, letters or pieces of paper in a practical, minimal and stylish way. To add to the chic nature of this contemporary noticeboard, print some digital images and place them along with your other papers to exude a stylish and decorative aspect in your home.

Organised desk space

At one time or another, we have all had a messy desk that requires organisation and a new practical solution to storing notes and papers. This multi-person creative desk space utilises three separate noticeboards that hold reminders plus other bits and bobs, to ensure the area remains orderly and convenient. Instead of pinning or tacking notes directly to the wall, consider a small bulletin board that will enhance the visual appeal of your space, as well as protecting the painted wall from encumbrances and damage.

Keep track of everything neatly

The ultimate in organised workspaces, this desk area takes the well-known original corkboard and matches it with some sleek black and white photographic prints. To ensure the paper clutter is minimal, the noticeboard provides ample space for reminders and post-its, keeping everything tidy and in it’s right place.

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