10 small but stylish homes to steal your heart

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CASA TRANSPORTABLE ÁPH80 ÁBATON Arquitectura Prefabricated home
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If you're unsure how to give your small house an elegant and stylish look, here are 10 great designs to provide inspiration. Remember that lack of space doesn’t mean skimping on style. By using interesting materials, colours or designs, you can make even the smallest of homes stand out beautifully. Read on to know more!

1. Bright and flamboyant

Grey cement for the exterior walls gives this house a timeless, stately and smart look. The peppy yellow door and magenta wall add vibrancy to the structure too.

2. Welcoming light

Large glass doors and windows allow sunlight to flood the insides of this home generously. Glass lends a very contemporary feel to the facade as well.

3. Rustic beauty

Designed by the architects at Yuso, this residence makes use of brick walls for a charming rustic statement. The wooden entrance door and ceramic tiles on the floor complement the bricks nicely, while a dash of yellow adds cheerfulness.

4. Smart modular home

CASA TRANSPORTABLE ÁPH80 ÁBATON Arquitectura Prefabricated home
ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

With its different parts fabricated in a factory and assembled later on site, this modular home looks very chic in the middle of a vast field. Its minimalistic finishing looks modern, and soothing lights and sleek designs make the interiors cosy and functional.

5. Old is gold

Often, by simply restoring an old building to its original glory, you can gift yourself a beautiful new house. Even if it’s small, its old walls will speak volumes of the rich past.

6. Continuous walls

By connecting your boundary wall with the home’s wall as shown here, you can create an expansive and unique look. The bold colours and stylish lighting inside the house help it look distinctive against the lush green grass, and at the same time make for a very open feel.

7. Smooth and elegant colours

By painting exterior walls with a soft, neutral hue, you can achieve a very smart and chic look for your small abode. No other embellishment or creativity will be required! Just make sure that the doors and windows look neat and pretty.

8. Cement and colour

Traditional cement plaster can make you small residence look very elegant and in vogue. You can spice things up by installing a vibrant stencilled panel like the yellow one shown here.

9. Nature’s gift

Tall plants can make for a beautiful garden wall, which will cover your small home in a very artistic manner. The grey walls of this house get a lively touch with the help of these plants, for instance.

10. Combine materials

By combining different materials like bricks, wood, stone or metal, you can give your small house a distinct personality. Its size will cease to matter!  

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