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Nautical décor for your home

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Belsize Park Gardens by Living in Space
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Nautical décor is an age-defying classic, one of those wonderfully modern and effortlessly cool yet elegant designs that work in perfect timeless harmony with home interiors and design. When we imagine nautical décor, we are immediately transported to seaside yacht clubs, fashionable and sophisticated men and women clad in stylish blues and white, while attending glamorous events held by the seaside. Nautical pursuits bring with them an effortless coastal charm, they evoke feelings of frivolity and stylish country living, along with a sense of privilege and humble refinement. 

You don’t need a boat or exclusive club membership to include a little maritime style into your domestic space—take a look at the wonderfully tasteful examples below and redecorate your space with a little seaside glamour and nautical charm.

Set sail

All aboard the boat bunk! This wonderfully inventive child’s room incorporates bright colours, crisp design and stylish accessories to create an imaginary dream world. Although it may look tricky, this look is relatively easy to recreate in your own home, and just requires a few simple pieces of furniture and coordinating accessories. Simply add stylish white bunk bed and coordinating wardrobes paired with red feature wall, red accessories and blue linen to evoke nautical fun and a room open to hours of creativity and excitement. Remember with this design, the key to achieving success is sticking to the colour palette, choose a maximum of 4-5 colours to ensure the design is successful and coordinated.

Row row your boat

Belsize Park Gardens by Living in Space
Living in Space

Belsize Park Gardens

Living in Space

This simple study incorporates a few different elements to ensure it is exciting, elegant and tastefully unassuming. Mid-century furniture delicately adds a sense of sophistication whilst the modern white joinery injects a sense of modernity. Moreover the nautical influence is very present in a pair of oars hung to the east facing wall, which evoke a sense of nostalgia and interest. The crispness of the white walls work perfectly here against the contrasting dark blind and the luxurious gold chandelier infuses a sense of lavishness and opulence against the modest décor.

A school of thought

Shoaling Fish by Jo Downs Modern
Jo Downs

Shoaling Fish

Jo Downs

This wall mural is reminiscent of a school of fish, swirling and twisting in delicate circles—the design exudes a sense of tranquillity and relaxation, the vibe is cool, sensitive and peaceful. This feature wall design is a piece of art in its own right and works to complement the existing serene décor. Whitewashed walls with coordinating raw timber floorboards and white contemporary staircase allow this space a sense of true seaside style, furthermore the contrasting accessories add depth and interest in the space, as does the mural, contributing to a successful and enjoyable nautical themed space.

Wallpapered patriotism

eclectic  by homify, Eclectic

Boats Wallpaper—Mister Smith interiors


If you love boats or the ocean, then look no further than nautical themed wallpaper—this stylish wallpaper manages to capture the essence of boats without being overbearing or intrusive to the space. The deep navy blue reminds the occupant of sailor uniforms and rich deep oceans while the white boat imprint is subtle enough to remain interesting and upon closer inspection, one can view the different styles and shapes upon the wall. To go that extra distance and evoke a sense of patriotism, consider a model boat to complement the wallpaper and inject a sense of coordinated style.

The galley kitchen

At first glance this design is not obviously nautical, but evoking a sense of maritime beauty and nostalgia, this kitchen is reminiscent of a galley within an old sailing vessel—the corridor between which the kitchen is situated is long and expansive, the dark exposed timber ceiling joists contrast beautifully with the satin timber floorboards and the crisp white décor allows this space a sense of old world beauty and sail boat history without the cramped atmosphere or stuffy walkways.

Modern home by Casas inHAUS Modern

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