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How to create a fabulous front door

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The first thing that greets you as you arrive home, your front door is so much more than just a monolithic barrier; it is a style statement that alludes to what can be found within, as well as a continuation of your design choices. Bringing your interior out into the world, just enough to tantalise but not give everything away.

Offering security and comfort, your front door should be given as much thought as any other installation in your home, if not more, as it is one aspect that is guaranteed to be seen by thousands of people in its lifetime. Able to welcome guests, while giving enough of an imposing stance to encourage strangers to keep moving without knocking, a front door is an amazing finishing touch and functional item for your home.

Take a look at our ideas for ensuring your front door is as eye-catching as possible and see if you might be tempted to give yours an extra finishing touch or two.

Consider colour

Templewood Avenue, NW3 XUL Architecture Classic style houses
XUL Architecture

Templewood Avenue, NW3

XUL Architecture

You don't have to opt for bright primary colours to make your front door stand out and, though we are enormously fond of vibrant paint choices, sometimes being understated can be the best choice for the house itself.

This example is beautiful, with a large and impressive period façade that is simply suited to the pale grey paint finish that has been selected. Of course a bright colour would have been fun but it would have undermined the quiet and classic elegance of the frontage as a whole, so we think that the team at Xul have made a fantastic choice in opting for something a little calmer and more considered.

Choose some excellent hardware

Gothic Style Bronze Double Doors Architectural Bronze Ltd Windows & doors Doors Metal Black
Architectural Bronze Ltd

Gothic Style Bronze Double Doors

Architectural Bronze Ltd

With your front door selected and your paint colour decided upon, your next decision really does need to concern the hardware that you will be including. Letter boxes, knockers and locks may not seem as though they require much attention but they can transform a relatively plain and unassuming door into something quite extraordinary.

The drama of these traditional lion-head knockers is wonderful and perfectly harmonious with the dark door they are featured on but for colourful doors on charming country cottages, they may be a little much. We could, however, picture something  a little more rustic, like a fox-shaped knocker and lovely antique brass detailing. So you see, there is the perfect choice for every door if you take the time to find it!

Accessorise with beautiful numbers




Not everybody chooses to adorn the front of their house with numbers but if you do, give consideration to choosing a typography and colour that will not only complement your own style but match your front door perfectly. Being in such close proximity to each other, a jarring difference in style would be instantly noticeable and could spoil your entire entrance.

We love the simplicity on show here, with a plain font having been used for a flat, brushed metal set of numbers that complements the slate wall and elegant lines wonderfully. Choosing a silver tone is a great move as it highlights the natural silver and lilac hues in the wall and helps to make the wooden door frame appear warmer and more inviting. 

Think about the hallway

Malton Diamond Double Side Panel Door Set Modern Doors Ltd Windows & doors Doors
Modern Doors Ltd

Malton Diamond Double Side Panel Door Set

Modern Doors Ltd

Of course, every front door has two sides, with one facing into the hallway and having an impact on the wider design scheme. This must be taken into consideration when selecting your door initially, otherwise you could end up with something totally at odds with your existing aesthetics!

For darker hallways we think that glass panels, such as these lovely panelled pieces, are a great choice and offer much-needed light into an otherwise dismal space. Coloured panels would also bring new dimensions of warmth, so stained glass could also be worth considering. 

Add a little greenery

Upper Park, Loughton Boscolo Windows & doors Doors

Upper Park, Loughton


Potted shrubs and well-clipped topiaries add a certain something when placed outside an elegant front door and effectively lift the space from being merely a transitional entrance into an area all of its own. This example is fantastic, showcasing tall pots and small, well manicured shrubs that add to the already impressive gravitas that this authoritative front door offers. Making the doors feel welcoming rather than just austere, it is surprising how much impact a small amount of greenery can have!

For more entrance inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 6 Stylish Front Door Ideas.

Don't be afraid to experiment with lighting

Lancashire Residence Kettle Design Modern home
Kettle Design

Lancashire Residence

Kettle Design

If traditional wall or porch mounted lighting isn't quite your style, why not branch out into the world of amazing illuminations? We know this particular example might be a little outlandish for some but it does make our point perfectly; different can be great.

Front doors are, in themselves, relatively plain items so by transforming them with clever lighting you can be sure that your home remains eye-catching for years to come. Plus, you can always switch the bulbs for different colours if you grow bored, which is a lot simpler than stripping and repainting an entire door!

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