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10 cheap raised pools to fit any patio

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Swimming pools have long been a luxury home addition that many people see as a sign of opulent living, but there are ways and means of making this fun and decadent home improvement a little more accessible to everyone. 

A popular method is by building a raised pool, as opposed to a sunken one, so we thought we'd take a look at some beautiful examples and discuss the benefits of this construction method. 

Your building team might not be expecting to add a pool to your property, but we feel confident you're going to at least consider the subject after seeing these fabulous examples!

1. Why build one at all?

That's a key question that can only be answered with why not? 

Honestly, not many people could claim that they actually need a pool, but why should you have to justify wanting to treat yourself to a little luxury?

2. Is built-up better?

The main benefit of built-up pools is that they necessitate a far shorter construction time, which directly impacts on the cost of the project.

When designed and finished well, we don't think you lose anything by not having a sunken pool.

3. Can I still have different depths?

Of course! In fact, having a built-up pool makes this even easier as you won't have to dig so deep for the entire pool, thereby making equipment rental costs shrink.

This really is all sounding like a great and economically-sound idea!

4. Will it look stylish enough?

If this picture doesn't answer that question, we don't think we will be able to convince you with words!

5. How can I integrate it a little more?

One of the best ways to integrate a built-up pool is to add in similarly tall items, such as eye-catching planters. 

A natural fit in a garden space, you could even create planters from the same finishing material as your pool to really tie it all together.

6. I'm not convinced I want a whole pool, so what else can I have?

How about a hot tub? Fun, bubbly and wonderfully warm, a hot tub is a great addition to any garden and you can simply cut a cavity in a raised patio, pop it in and away you go. 

How easy is that?

7. I like the look of sunken pools, so how can I achieve that?

The easiest and cheapest way to get the look of a sunken pool without the cost is to raise the patio that surrounds it. 

By making the pool edge flush with the rest of the area, it will look like you dug really deep for your slice of luxury.

8. How crazy can I go?

As crazy as you like! Creating a really different design will certainly make your pool stand out and if you've thought of a way to seamlessly integrate it with the rest of your architecture, we say go for it.

As long as it's water-tight, we don't think there are many other rules!

9. Other than cost-effectiveness, what is an advantage of a built-up pool?

If you enjoy a stunning view from your home, what could be more perfect than enjoying it from an elevated pool? 

Imagine having a rooftop pool and enjoying a scenic cityscape every morning as you complete a few laps!

10. If money is no option, what can I do then?

How about something really different? A built-up pool with glass sides will definitely get a lot of attention. We just hope you don't mind feeling a bit like a SeaWorld show performer!

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