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A chic apartment perfect for Hong Kong

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Modern dining room by Traço Magenta - Design de Interiores Modern
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Today we will explore the furnishing of a modestly-sized family apartment. The basic structure of the home is modern and enjoys good natural light, but it's the clever approach to decor that really has us enamoured. Interior designers and decorators Traco Magenta have used bold furnishings, some high-tech media equipment and a minimalist approach to create a home with style. It's a home that exudes an atmosphere of absolute pleasure, comfort and cosy sophistication. Despite the modest size, there is absolutely no sense of anything lacking in this home. Come with us on a photo tour for all the details! Get ready to fall in love with these interiors…

Flexible folding doors

The width of a doorway has a really huge effect on the impression of space in a home. So the designers have created a wide doorway with folding doors. This makes the home feel bright and open. It also gives the occupants the option of lots of privacy too. The wooden floor also connects the two spaces to create a sense of continuity and flow. Finally, note the big chunky ceramic pots on the floor. We'll see lots of these kinds of furnishings in this home…

Chunky furnishings

The interior designers have bold statements with the furniture. These make the home appear large and give the impression of abundance. But they have also cleverly used transparent furniture for the larger items. Check out the transparent hallway table here. They have also embraced the cosy appeal of a small home by using an earthy colour palette. Note how the chocolate brown walls, timber floors and wooden furniture all work to create a single, unified theme.

Smoky glass TV screen

In the combined living room and dining room, we see more chunky stylish furniture. Despite the boldness of this approach, the decorators have used a very restrained approach. There is barely any detail and almost no smaller decorative or functional objects in this home. Even the TV screen has been abandoned and replaced with a smoky glass wall that doubles as a projection screen. Also, note the transparent glass dining table. There are a lot of large items in this home, but with choices like this, it still feels fairly visually lightweight and abundant.

White kitchen with immaculate clean lines

The white kitchen is an exercise in complete restraint and the power of immaculate clean lines. The kitchen is designed in the galley style, and the designers have emphasized the parallel lines in this kitchen with handleless kitchen cupboard doors and long narrow strip lights. We love the frosted glass wall in the background. This helps continue the sense of flow and makes the windowless kitchen feel that bit larger and more expansive.

Plush and generous bedroom

The master bedroom exudes a high level of plush comfort. There is a large armchair, a padded headboard and lots of textures in the textiles and furnishings. From this angle, we can also catch a glimpse of the interesting nightstands. They are made from transparent glass and mounted to the wall. This helps lighten the visual weight of the room and helps it feel that bit larger. Also, check out the large side tables on each side. They add the perfect amount of chunky contrast too.

Smart small bathroom

The bathrooms may be relatively modestly sized, but they still feel very large and comfortable. The bathroom mirror has been extended from wall to wall and all the way to the ceiling. The bathroom cabinet has also been extended from wall to wall, but it's also suspended from the ground. These choices all help add to the feel of abundance and size in the bathroom. Also, once again we have some large decorations that continue the chunky theme of the home.

Private balcony

The simple balcony has large and comfortable outdoor seating. There is little decoration, but the elements in place do add a lot of rustic and earthy appeal. The wooden furniture and greenery do much of this work. Also, the large bamboo plants on either side add a lot of privacy. Finally, check out the little foldable outdoor table. It can be stacked up and tucked out of sight when needed!

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